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This is a dream about Mom

Jane Hewes WeberI’m with her in the grocery store, shopping for a nice lunch. I’ve bought a soft cheese with a chalky rind. Not my favorite, but I know she likes it. 

Fact and imagination

U.S. Atlantic Seaboard at Night


This week’s Science Friday guest is John Gurche, a Smithsonian sculptor of prehistoric life. He says the more facts he knows about his subject matter, the more constrained he is in his creativity. But at the same time, if his sculptures only depicted the known facts, they would be flat. This is where his artistry comes in.

The Play's the Thing

Laurie R. King, Pirate King

Long ago, it was the newspaper or the daily mail. What bit of novelty therein would make my day happier, more interesting, unique?

Bird of Paradise

U.S. Atlantic Seaboard at Night


I’m in a jet, setting sail for parts familiar after a long stretch out at sea. The flight attendants have drugged us with food and wine, calmed us with dim lights, answered our questions with soothing sounds. As we drool on miniature pillows, we are late night comedians making light of the sleep we crave in the cramped quarters of economical travel.

Delhi day 15

Delhi, India


Yes it is our last day in Delhi, our last in India and the Far East. 

We rode the women's coach today, the first car on the metro. A man would pay a fine if he climbed aboard. We saw a couple separate into gender specific cars and reunite when they got off. 

Rishikesh to Delhi day 14

Rishikesh, India


It's four forty-five in the morning. Three women wait on the cobblestone entryway to Bhandari Swiss Cottages for a taxi to the railway station in Haridwar. The High Bank area of Rishikesh along the Ganges at the foot of the Himalayas is a honeycomb of hotels, restaurants and meditation or yoga centers for the serenity-minded tourist. But like every India they've set foot in, a surprise waits at every turn. 

Rishikesh day 13

Ram Jhula suspension bridge in Rishikesh, IndiaToday we crossed the other foot bridge, a crossing far less traumatic than this acrophobe expected. Orly and Pam were my body guards.

Rishikesh day 12

Rishikesh, India


Pam has determined that one of life's prime directives is to entertain the neighbors. 

Rishikesh day 11

Rishikesh, India


Engines working, horns bleating, trucks rumbling up the road. Song coming from somewhere near, maybe the next room down. Dishes clinking, motorbike scuffing the courtyard stones. English speakers comparing the noise and the sleep they could or couldn't get. The slow creak of doors sprung to the late afternoon. Birds filling the gaps. 

Delhi to Rishikesh day 10

Train in India


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