Swimmer's dream

Young girl with goggles in learn to swim class


Why does the slender woman stand so close to the tall man, her arms across his chest? Why so long, their tender conversation?

Lately, since I can't swim, I notice more. It's enough to make me glad for sore shoulders. I'm told by the experts to lay off using my arms. Who knew I'd become a tourist in my own pool, taking movies google goggle style. Never heard of the G-goggle? Just wait - it's the next new souped-up toy.

This is a dream about Mom

Jane Hewes WeberI’m with her in the grocery store, shopping for a nice lunch. I’ve bought a soft cheese with a chalky rind. Not my favorite, but I know she likes it. 

The Play's the Thing

Laurie R. King, Pirate King

Long ago, it was the newspaper or the daily mail. What bit of novelty therein would make my day happier, more interesting, unique?

Okay For Now

Fork-tail PetrelI’m reading a beautiful book. A beautiful book.

Risk aversion questionnaire

Grand Canyon

Does a teacher facing students, jazz group improvising, swimmer doing workouts, coder fixing software, thinker seeking solace seem safety prone to you? Are these the risk-averse?

Might activists be poster-folk for the risk-willing? They march for justice, take stands, venture into parts unknown, right? 

And do they also pay attention to what works v. what may backfire, waste time, disillusion volunteers? Do they follow best practice like the blandest nine to fiver?

Your local library - the no hush zone

Jester reading a book

‘You’ve internalized, Bob Dylan - his spirit comes right through and we all feel it,’ says a Dylan fan gesturing toward rows of chairs recently filled with hushed listeners AKA noisy clappers in Fairview Park’s Meeting Room A.

Libraries, we are told, are no longer meant to be quiet zones.

To the author of Kavalier & Clay*

Michael ChabonMichael Chabon. 

I pictured you a lumbering older man with wide, surprisingly nimble fingers I’ve seen on guitar players from time to time. I thought you’d be a little arrogant, just the kind who suffers no fool gladly but suffers the children to come unto him. I considered this a plus. 

The Slow Train Café

Muscle and Bone set list at Slow Train CafeMuscle and Bone ventured out on slick and splattery I-480 last night with a car full of gear, heads full of lyrics and shoulders taut with wonder. As in, ‘wonder if anybody’ll show up?’

My Queen Jane

What you say to your audience between songs is an art in itself. Walter and I don’t want to break the spell of Dylan’s lyrics with stray patter in our Muscle and Bone shows. So this story, though umbilically melded to Queen Jane Approximately for me, is better essay than segue.

Bob Dylan - beloved monarch

Bob Dylan Bologna Nov 05 concert
‘In recent memory the round table had seated such royalty as Bob Dylan, Bob Neuwirth, Nico, Tim Buckley, Janis Joplin, Viva, and the Velvet underground.'
-- Patti Smith, Just Kids

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